Vol 1, No 2 (2009)

Table of Contents



“Swine flu”: when thinking globally and acting locally is more than just a slogan PDF XML
Caterina Mammina Pages: 3-4
Molecular Diagnostics in Clinical Microbiology PDF XML
Willem B Leeuwen Pages: 5-20
Development and evaluation of TUMS medium, a novel biphasic culture medium for isolation of Brucella spp. from patients PDF XML
B Fatollahzadeh, P Maleknejad, MJ Hejazi, H Pyri Pages: 21-25
Comparative study of hemolytic activity of Bordetella species PDF XML
R G Bodade, N Ahemad, C N Khobragade Pages: 26-31
Serologic study of feline leptospirosis in Tehran, Iran PDF XML
S Jamshidi, MA Akhavizadegan, N Maazi, A Ghorban Ali, S Bokaie Pages: 32-36
Molecular detection of Anaplasma phagocytophilum in carrier cattle of Iran - first documented report PDF XML
V Noaman, P Shayan Pages: 37-42
Antimicrobial activity of Artemisia sieberi essential oil from central Iran PDF XML
M Mahboubi, N Farzin Pages: 43-48
Isolation and characterization of Xylanase producing strain of Bacillus cereus from soil PDF XML
N Roy, M Rowshanul Habib Pages: 49-53
Characterization of novel biosurfactant producing strains of Bacillus spp. isolated from petroleum contaminated soil PDF XML
S Nasr, M R Soudi, M R Mehrnia, M H Sarrafzadeh Pages: 54-61
Infectious Disease Surveillanc PDF XML
Iranian Center for Disease Control Pages: 62