Human bocavirus infections among children less than two years old in Iran during fall and winter 2012-2013


Background and Objectives: Human bocavirus (HBoV) is a newly discovered parvovirus. It has been detected primarily in children with acute respiratory tract infections. This study was conducted to clarify the frequency and genotype circulation pattern of HBoV in Iran.
Materials and Methods: Conventional PCR was performed on throat swabs of patients less than two years of age with respiratory illnesses during fall and winter 2012-2013.
Results: HBoV virus DNA was detected in 15 of 140 samples (10.7 %). Sequencing and phylogenetic analysis on 5 samples showed that all were HBoV1. The positive samples were negative for influenza A and B viruses while co-infection with RSV was found in 2 (13.3%).
Conclusion: This study adds to the body of knowledge about the role of HBoV in acute respiratory illnesses in children in Iran.

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