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The tracheal virome of broiler chickens with respiratory disease complex in Iran: the metagenomics study


Background and Objectives: Avian respiratory disease complex (RDC) is one of the most detrimental economic diseases that affected different parts of the world. Various pathogens cause the disease, but the most significant viral pathogens include avian influenza virus (AIV), infectious bronchitis virus (IBV), and Newcastle disease virus (NDV) are the most prevalent. To detect these pathogens, various methods have been discovered in the last decades. Detection and characterization of viruses by metagenomics methods have improved our knowledge about the role of virome in the avian complex respiratory disease.
Materials and Methods: This research investigates the viral pathogen populations that mostly participate in emerging these diseases using the NGS method RNA-sequencing. In surveillance of ten broiler farms from different cities with respiratory symptoms, trachea samples were collected to determine the pathogenic virome causing the disease.
Results: In this metagenomics analysis, nine viral families were identified, comprising 72.82% of RNA viruses, 24.32% of RT viruses, and 2.86% of DNA viruses. RNA viruses had the highest contribution to the respiratory disease complex instead of disease, including paramyxoviridae, orthomyxoviridae, coronaviridae, and picornaviridae viruses. Other viruses from the RNA viruses and DNA virus families were also identified in addition to these results.
Conclusion: This research suggests that studies of pathogenic viromes in different diseases can help monitor different diseases and predict their future occurrence.

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Metagenomics; Chickens; Iran; Virome; Trachea

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